Tyla and Max and Don

Tyla, Max & Don

Max and Don are two sexy daddies from the UK visiting on a couple’s vacation. They’d been hearing about how hot Aussie men are for years and were keen to find a hot bottom to share. In this extreme international three-way, Max and Don take total control of Tyla and pump him dry.

Nothing is off limits as these two mature men get their money’s worth, bare-backing Tyla’s hot, tight hole and before filling him full of their loads!

Regular members and fans of Aussie Amateurs Do it know what an impressive bottom Tyla is. He’s so talented he literally has a gold star on his arsehole! Tyla loves a hardcore threesome and was looking to get his hole double fucked and destroyed by two, hot, bareback tops. Lucky for him, we know the hottest amateurs in Australia!

Max and Don are two sexy daddies from the UK visiting on a couple’s vacation. They’d been hearing about how hot Aussie men are for years and were keen to find a hot bottom to share. In this extreme international three-way, Max and Don took total control of Tyla and worked him dry!

Nothing was off limits as these two mature men got their money’s worth, bare-backing Tyla’s hot, tight hole and before filling him full of their loads! CLICK HERE


Sebastian and Danny

Sebastian & Danny

We discovered in last week’s interview that Danny Delvaux loves to rim ass. Sebastian Smith isn’t complaining – with Danny’s tongue shoved deep inside his ass he’s happy as well Sebastian getting the ass licking of his life. Sebastian was born to bottom so Danny’s thick dick slides effortlessly into his spit lubed ass cheeks. Danny bends him in a variety of positions making sure his cock gets as deep inside as he can. He strokes his cock to deliver a huge load – watching him cum makes Sebastian’s cock blow an equally huge load. Wonderfully hot scene that lives up to our expectations of what these two hot Brits could deliver! CLICK HERE


Lucas, Batt & Mitch – Part 2


The cumclusion of last week’s episode is here. After trading blow jobs Mitch finds himself on the stairs with Batt’s Belgian cock in his mouth and Lucas’ Aussie tongue rimming his hairy ass. He’s moaning in pleasure and gagging on Batt’s thick meat.

Lucas is ready to start fucking the young cub and Mitch finds himself blissfully spitroasted like the fuck pig he is. They move from the stairs to the floor. Lucas and Batt kiss passionately with Mitch still skewered between them. This has to be one of the hottest scenes we’ve ever shot and Lucas’ three week build up of cum does not disappoint as it coats Mitch and the stairs in puddles. Mitch sure was right about those beards being cum catchers!

full_02Three cocks are better than none


It’s true folks – beards are cum catchers!



Lucas, Batt & Mitch – Part 1


Oh boy do we have a hot threesome for you today. First up we introduce Belgian Batt who brings some European flavour to our trio of bearded fellows. Secondly Lucas is back – it’s been awhile since we’ve seen him here at AmateursDoIt but he is looking hotter than ever. He admits in the interview that it’s been 3 weeks since he came last. The other guys laugh almost nervously as someone (if not everyone) knows that this legendary cum fountain is going to explode! Then there’s Mitch – the youngest of the three but he’s not intimidated – he’s offering up his ass and ready to be spitroasted.

The trio seem totally at ease with each other and excited to get started. And soon Mitch is on his knees gagging on the thick cocks he’s presented with.


A fine bearded threesome indeed



This threesome are so very very versatile!

full_06Mitch, Leo and Blake are done with the warm up round and Leo Rocca’s big thick cock is the first to penetrate Mitch Bear’s hairy hole. Mitch is suckingon Blake’s cock as he’s being fucked from behind. But it’s not for long as Blake wants a go!

Soon we find Mitch on his back with Blake riding his 7″ dick whilst sucking on Leo’s fat meat.

And so it goes as these versatile boys want to experience every possible scenario. And then there’s three EPIC cum shots. You’ll need a lie down and a cigarette after watching this scene – Mitch, Leo and Blake could hardly move by the end.

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  • full_07 Leo takes a breather to watch

    full_10 Blake is sex piggy in the middle


    Which one of these three has the biggest cock?

    We get guys in here who want to appear on camera for all sorts of reasons. This week we have three guys who are pretty much here for the same reason – they love to fuck. They also all describe themselves as bottom versatile – so in reality they all love to fuck and especially love to be fucked.

    Thankfully in a threesome we could let them all take turns at being bottom – but for this week we get to know a little bit more about them and then watch them suck and rim their way around each other’s fine cocks.
    Make sure you cum back next week for Part 2.

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  • full_13 No shortage of inches in this threesome

    full_08 Mitch has no trouble swallowing Leo’s inches


    Tyson, Roberto & Dane’s international fuck fest

    full_01It’s an international feast of amateur men this week. Dane is a local Sydney guy, Tyson cums to us via England and Roberto is a sexy Italian. After a quick introduction Roberto is sandwiched in between Dane and Tyson as they remove his clothes and then push him to his knees and shove their fine cocks in his hungry mouth.

    Soon the three are a naked pile of flesh on the floor. Each cock is being sucked and the groans of pleasure intensify. Tyson is the first to get Dane’s cock deep inside his ass – bottom boy Roberto is jealous and climbs on top of Tyson making the three into some kind of naked human jenga.

    The intense fuck session is capped off with three huge loads – most of which Dane cops all over his pale body. A fine threesome indeed!

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  • full_04 Roberto – don’t talk with your mouth full

    full_09 Sex makes the world go round


    Home Made Gay 3-Way

    home made gay 3 way video

    Three hot-looking mature guys

    Three hot daddies: Hobe, Sam and Steven, have come together for the first time to shoot an awesome home made gay 3-way sex video. Though they may be mature, they are not at all conservative, as they prove by unhesitatingly stripping naked while showing off their shared passions for sucking cock, rimming, jerking off and getting fucked!

    Perhaps, not surprisingly, even though they are older than most guys featured in similar videos, they still love their toys – sex toys, that is.

    These daddies take their turns with a huge dildo as they relentlessly lick nipples and suck and jerk off cocks until they explode in erotic pleasure. All the men in this home made gay 3-way video are so hungry for cock it’s amazing they manage to hold their cum back all the way through. If I had these dudes working my fuckmeat I think I would have unloaded three times by the time the first jizz shot erupts!

    This is a must-see for lovers of hot mature men!

    mature gay 3-way

    Sam starts to give an awesome blowjob


    On the floor for some hot ass-pumping

    Hobe, Sam and Steve in gay 3-way orgy

    Some raunchy spanking and toy-fucking action

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    3 Way Marc, Brenton & Hunter Part 3


    Amateurs Marc, Brenton & Hunter

    Time for fucking! Marc, Brenton and Hunter have been warming up in the last two parts of this series, now the threesome get into some hardcore gay anal sex.

    Brenton gets in between these two hung Aussie lads and starts sucking on Hunter’s massive cock, while Marc penetrates his tight twink ass from behind. Brenton loves all this attention, he swallows Hunter while getting pounded by Marc. Its ecstasy being pierced by huge cocks in both ends, all three are absolutely loving this 3 way fuck session.

    There is plenty of hot sticky jizz ready to gush out of these studs and Hunter lets his load shoot first, all over Brenton’s neck and face. Marc is close but wants to hold back for more play time, so the boys hit the shower together.

    All cleaned up and ready to pump out his massive load, Marc can’t hold back any longer and cums all over his fuck buddy. Hope you just did the same!

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    3-Way – Dan Sam Coz

    Dan, a Brazilian with a sexy lean body and a huge cock, is an amateur who is game for anything. Hot daddy Sam is a burly, bald and equally horny guy who’s also packing a very nice cut cock. So it was a total dream for bottom hunk Coz to be shooting an amateur threesome sex video with these two. As their clothes come off, the three get into a frenzy of sucking, licking and jerking. Coz starts to serve both Dan and Sam by going down to suck their hard dicks as they mindlessly make out and fondle until they’re completely naked. Coz also lets his sexy, hairy ass and hot mouth work tirelessly, taking in the powerful thrusts of Sam and Dan’s cocks. But the best part is that they really help out each other to a thrilling climax. This is one absolute cumfest of a 3-way!


    Sam, Coz and Dan get comfortable with each other

    Amateurs Do It

    Dan, Sam and Coz get into some hot sucking action

    gay amateur porn

    Coz sucks Sam and Dan jerks his big meat

    gay group sex

    Sam bangs Coz, who's sucking Dan

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