3-Way – Dan Sam Coz

Dan, a Brazilian with a sexy lean body and a huge cock, is an amateur who is game for anything. Hot daddy Sam is a burly, bald and equally horny guy who’s also packing a very nice cut cock. So it was a total dream for bottom hunk Coz to be shooting an amateur threesome sex video with these two. As their clothes come off, the three get into a frenzy of sucking, licking and jerking. Coz starts to serve both Dan and Sam by going down to suck their hard dicks as they mindlessly make out and fondle until they’re completely naked. Coz also lets his sexy, hairy ass and hot mouth work tirelessly, taking in the powerful thrusts of Sam and Dan’s cocks. But the best part is that they really help out each other to a thrilling climax. This is one absolute cumfest of a 3-way!


Sam, Coz and Dan get comfortable with each other

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Dan, Sam and Coz get into some hot sucking action

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Coz sucks Sam and Dan jerks his big meat

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Sam bangs Coz, who's sucking Dan

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