Behind The Scenes Part 15


So we make no excuses for it – this is an amateur site and that’s what people love about it – along with the hot Aussie guys. The behind the scenes footage is the pinnacle of our amateurishness – when we kick the camera over for example! But it’s all fun and you can tell by the guys having a good laugh on set that it’s a good time anyways! Enjoy.




Behind The Scenes 14


There’s big dicks, threesomes, sucking, fucking and a whole lot of mishaps in this update of Behind The Scenes footage. Here’s where some of the handheld footage ends up and we know that you fans of amateur footage love to watch out for the boom mics and stray cameramen! Enjoy



Behind The Scenes Part 13


One question we’re always asked is – what’s it like on set? Well this episode of our Behind The Scenes series is a really good look at what it’s really like to be on set during a shoot. Usually we have a compilation of different scenes but for this unique update you’re going to be watching just the one scene and see what it’s like to be part of the crew!


Get Behind our scenes


We know you love the bloopers and the candid material so we’ve got some more great behind the scenes footage here for you. I could watch Batt in the shower for hours – he’s so hot. Enjoy these special just for our members moments.



Behind the Scenes 11


Here’s another look at the video that the amateurs shoot themselves during our sessions.   It’s up close and personal as our favourite amateurs play cameraman.



Behind The Scenes


Today for all our fans we have another look at what happens behind the scenes of our amateur shoots.   This is footage that would normally be lost to the ages but we hope you’ll enjoy watching our amateur guys in their most candid moments.



Behind The Scenes Volume 9


This is another installment of the footage that the guys shoot themselves.  This week it’s all about watersports and what goes on in the showers!   Enjoy.


Find out who cums on the camera …


Blake Badass is ready and waiting for whatever cums in his mouth


Behind the Magic


As you probably know we always like to have a couple of extra cameras around for the guys to film each other during our shoots. And we often get people asking – where’s the footage.
Well Amateur fans – here it is! This is a three part series of all those little bits and piece that the guys have shot of each other in true glorious amateur vision!



Milking Aussie Cum Out

full_03Thar he blows! This video comes with a heavy showers warning as cum shot after cum shot explodes on your screen. Those Aussie boys are young hung and full of cum and they’re spraying it just for you.

  • Grab your tissues and watch it here…
  • full_07



    Organic Down Under Sperm Explosions

    full_06There’s nothing artificial about this series of gushers. Every Aussie bloke here sprays only organic cum from his rock hard cock to his abs, floor, or just about anywhere you can imagine.

  • Go organic by watching it here …
  • full_07