Jonny & Jett – Part 1


This week’s update is an international feast with German born Jonny Chill and South African born Jett appearing in our version of The Naked Chef. Jett’s trying to teach Jonny some cooking basics – how to chop an onion.

Clothes seem to be getting in the way of Jonny understanding how this task is performed – so they strip naked and put on aprons and Jett shows the way it should be done. Jonny can’t keep his hands off the naked Jett – touching his nipples and kissing his neck as he dices.

Jett makes Jonny cut one half and applies the same distraction technique of fondling the chef. Finally two onions have been diced and the cooking lesson is over. The cock sucking lesson is just about to start and this is where Jonny excels. Jett stands on a chair while Jonny massages his tonsils with Jett’s erect cock.

It’s just starting to heat up in here – cum back next week to see just what type of sauce they get covered in.

Jonny & Jett – Part 1



Panda and Matt


Today we have two brand new amateurs for you – Panda and Matt.  Matt is from Colombia and is only new to Sydney.   Panda is Australian with a part Islander and part Aboriginal background.  Neither are what you would call dirty boys so we put the clean pair in the shower together.  They stroke and suck each other’s uncut cocks.   Both of them haven’t been with anyone for some time so it’s not surprising that they produce two huge loads.   Looks like another shower will be in order!

Panda & Matt



Behind The Scenes


Today for all our fans we have another look at what happens behind the scenes of our amateur shoots.   This is footage that would normally be lost to the ages but we hope you’ll enjoy watching our amateur guys in their most candid moments.



Batt and Mitch Part 2


Batt finally lets Mitch remove his pants – his hairy ass is framed beautifully by his jock strap which Batt mercilessly pulls at whipping Mitch’s butt. Batt buries his face in the hairy white ass – Mitch groaning with pleasure as he lubes up his hole.

Batt then is ready to fuck that fine ass – holding Mitch down so he can pound it with even more force. He pulls Mitch’s hair – treats him like the fuck toy that he is as they grind away.

It’s sooo hot – it’s too much – so Batt pulls out and then puts his cock back down Mitch’s throat. It feels sooo damn good that it’.s not long before he cums all over Mitch’s face and beard.

Mitch then lays back as Batt fingers his ass so he too can explode in several sprays of cum. Told you this one would be hot!