Rowan is a 27-year old cute, slightly geeky Aussie guy with floppy, dark hair, and a winning smile. He’s 6-feet tall with a lithe, tattooed-covered body. He’s single, he’s a top, he’s gay, and he likes Scottish men. He says he’s rock hard pretty much 50% of the time, and judging by the permanent bulge in his shorts, he’s not lying!

The best way to get to know a horny boy like Rowan is by watching him doing a solo shoot. He starts off in a t-shirt and soccer shorts which cling neatly to his softly-defined body, but the top comes off pretty quick. His beautiful, pale, smooth chest has three large tattoos on it.

He sits on a bench, spreads his legs real wide, and plays with his dick through his tight shorts, smiling shyly but with serious sexual intent.

The shorts are soon off and he lies on the floor in a blue, Aussie Bum jock, tweaking his dark nipples and caressing his ever-fattening tool. The head of his hard, cut dick suddenly and tantalizingly peeks out of the side of his jock. He slowly uncovers its full length, releasing the horny beast from its fabric cage.

He starts to jerk himself, real slow to begin with. Pre-cum drips from his tool and he murmurs filth to himself and, for that matter, anyone who might be watching and wanting a piece of him!

He turns around and grinds himself into the carpet, showing off his peachy ass and tight hole, pre-cum now flowing like a clear, warm stream from the head of his dick.

Now fully naked and fully hard, he jerks his upward-curving tool towards climax, first standing and then leaning against the wall. He sprays six impressive white ribbons of pure cum all over his stomach and viewers will be left with just one question; when do we get to see Rowan partnering with someone? CLICK HERE

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