Jason and Nic Beach Bum Fucking Pt2

Our beach bum big cock twinks are horny from the 69ing blowjobs plus anal rimming oral fun you saw in part one, but they (and you) want more!

Jason’s massive uncut cock is flopping all over the place as both he and Nic jump up and down on the bed with a bit of foreplay playtime. They stumble into each other and collapse in a heap of hot sweaty nakedness, and begin fondling each others bodies and rubbing each others cocks. This in itself is enough to drive a horny guy into cumming all over himself. These two twinks are feeling the heat as their rock hard uncut cocks can attest, and they’re going to need some release, and soon! So lets start fucking already!


Jason and Nic Beach Bum Fucking Part 2

Nic turns over onto his back and raises his legs, exposing his willing butt hole, all ripe and ready to get fucked! Jason guides his man missile, slowly penetrating Nic, pushing in further and further until Nic’s eyes are rolling back in pleasure. Pounding in and out of this tight ass and feeling his throbbing cock inside his new friend is bringing Jason closer and closer to orgasm.

Jason pulls out at the last second and spews his load all over Nics belly and cock, into a great sticky mess! Watch as these two Aussie beach bum buddies use those rock hard cocks in an exclusive gay hardcore AmateursDoIt video.


Jason and Nic: Beachbum Fucking Pt1

When at the beach with our friend Nic we were immediately attracted to Jason, a sexy blond beach bum. We just had to see him naked and thought you guys would love to see him in a hardcore shoot right away too. Nic was happy to go introduce himself to Jason and after only a few moments, Jason was agreeing to come to our studios and let us check out his full, sweet young body!

Beachbum Fucking

We immediately headed back to the studio and we were quite pleased to see that Jason is not only hot with clothes on, but has an amazing uncut cock that was more than a pleasure to see popping out of his swim trunks!

Jason and Nic had hit it off the whole drive back to our place and seemed to have become great friends. Both were certainly looking forward to diving into each others shorts and swallowing some cock! Going down? These boys certainly are! Can Nic ever swallow that massive uncut Jason? Its a hot scene, one to blow a load over for sure!

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